Second Edition!

10 Best Practices

For Website Testing, Targeting
and Optimization

Featuring 10 techniques used by leading brands to lift
website conversion and average order value

To stay competitive in the age of agile commerce, you must test and
target your website content in order to deliver more relevant shopping
experiences to visitors. But what content should you leverage to
produce the strongest results? This eBook reveals the 10 best
techniques, culled from countless targeting and testing campaigns.

You’ll Learn:

  • 2 key visitor segments you absolutely must start targeting today
  • An effortless but effective way to address shopping cart
  • How to merchandise products quickly and easily
  • Simple tricks for ensuring “continuity that helps website visitors
    actually convert
  • And 6 more ideas that have been proven to boost your site’s relevance to visitors, leading to dramatic increases in conversion rate and revenue.

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