How to size yourself

A great fit is key to looking your best in formalwear.

If you want to measure yourself its best to do so barefoot and in your underwear. If possible, ask someone else to do it for you. Take measurements two or three times to account for variations in your posture.

A – Collar Measure around the neck at base where shirt fits

B – Sleeve – this is taken from the neck point (the collar seam on the shoulder line) along the shoulder and down the outer sleeve to the cut edge.

C – Chest – measure the chest around the fullest part, placing the tape close up and under the arms making sure the tape is well up at the back over the shoulder blades.

D – Waist – measure around the natural waistline over any under garments which may be worn.

E – Leg – measure from the top of the inside leg at the crotch to the hem.

We only require 4 sizes to provide an outfit. These are the common sizes that men will be aware of: chest, waist, inside leg and collar. We offer a comprehensive range of sizes for you to hire, a brief summary of which is shown below. The complete list is shown when ordering. If you are in doubt, please contact us, we would be delighted to help”.


Every jacket style is available from a 34″ chest through to a 52″ chest increasing by two inches each time i.e. 34 then 36, 38, 40 etc. They will also be available in various fittings, Extra Short (XS), Short (S), Regular (R) and Long (L).

A rough guide to fittings is:

  • 5′ 7″ and under would be an Extra Short
  • 5′ 8″ – 5′ 10″ an Short fitting
  • 5′ 11″ – 6′ 1″ an Regular fitting
  • 6′ 2″ and above an Long fitting.

Note that this is rough guide only and makes no allowance for personal preferences.


We offer trousers with waists from 28″ through to 50″ again in two-inch increments. Leg lengths are available from 26″ through to 35″ this time increasing in single inches.


Shirts are available in sizes from a 10″ collar to a 21″ collar.


All styles are available from 20″ through to 52″. Usually you would order the same chest size as the jacket, however for customers whose stomach measures greater than their chest measurement, we would recommend selecting 1 size bigger than the chest. We would also recommend customers who choose a 34″ jacket to order a 36″ waistcoat.